If It Makes You Happy…

You know, when you are happy the whole world smiles with you, and when you are miserable, no one wants to be around you, but frankly, when you’re down is when you most need someone around. Just good luck finding someone to listen…

Kind of the same with fitness. So much of the country is fat because it is so easy to simply not work out. Not to mention, it just puts a smile on your face when eating a piece of cake doesn’t it?

It’s hard to get motivated to exercise when all you see are pictures of trainers passed out next to weights or talking about how sore they are from their last workout.

That shit’s for suckers and anyone who subscribes to that nonsense should be promptly beaten and forced to bear crawl out of town with 100lbs kettlebells.

At General Fitness Company we may joke about how sore our legs are after workouts (#friedlegfriday?), but by golly, that sure is not what we’re known for. So what is? One word.


I’m telling you Bropocalypse, it almost literally works like magic! I don’t know how many times I heard this in training: “If I didn’t make an appointment with you, I wouldn’t have worked out today,” or “I wasn’t going to come today, but I knew I made a commitment to be there so I didn’t want to let myself down.”

You want results RIGHT?…

It’s super easy, brothalamew. Just get up every damn day and do just a little bit more than what the average person is doing. Oh, you want more than results? You want awesome results?  Well then, you’re gonna have to do more than just everyone else is doing you are going to have to a ton more than everyone else AND be the best at what you do. More on that below…

Jerry “happy” Washington

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