I Have A Nightmare…


Gonna make this short because I know you’ve got a ton to catch up on.


Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.


But if he were alive today, I think he’d have mixed feelings about our progress.


But you know what?


It’s not about dreams, nightmares, or even skin color.



It’s about ignorance vs. knowledge and that trumps any and every race war


Ever wonder why you never hear about the ultra successful getting


Caught up in matters of race and discrimination?


It has nothing to do when them paying people off, or having a secret society


It’s because they are more interested in green than brown, white, yellow, or red.



But I have a dream.


I have a dream that everyone will wake up from their ignorance and desire to have wisdom.


A dream that people will not look to others and hate, just because they don’t understand


In this dream, people will not judge based on the color of skin but by the


Knowledge, will power, and persistence they demonstrate in reaching their goals and dreams.



On this day, I want you to honestly think to yourself, how much are you contributing to the dream?


There are a lot of social justice warriors and religious affictionadoes that claim to contribute


But yet they are spreading the same rhetoric and dogma as the people they are criticizing.



Contribute to the dream, not the nightmare by learning more, earning more, and helping.


That is the only way we’ll all Just Get Along



Jerry “real dreams” Washington



P.S. None today. I just really want you to take some time today to help someone in need.


Take today to teach a man to fish, but don’t go reaching in your pockets to do it.


Each one teach one and we all learn to be great. Talk soon….

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