I Have A Nightmare…


I had a dream the other night, but first I want to talk about one of the most famous dreamers ever.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. But if he were alive today, I think he’d have mixed feelings about our progress.

What we have now in this country is a struggle between It’s about ignorance vs. knowledge and insecurity vs. defensiveness.

Ever wonder why you never hear about the ultra-successful getting caught up in matters petty matters like the rest of the country? It’s not like they don’t care because many of them donate and set up their own charities. And it certainly has nothing to do with them paying people off or having a secret society

It’s because they don’t really care about things like that. To them, the best things are green so everything else doesn’t matter anyway.

But I have a dream…

I have a dream that everyone will wake up and realize that we are separated by choice.  In this dream, people will not look to others and hate. We are all a part of this dream and I believe that it’s within all of us to realize that we have the potential to be great once we drop our insecurities and listen to understand rather than simply to reply.

In this dream, people did not judge based on the color of skin or political party, but by the knowledge, willpower, and persistence others demonstrate in reaching their goals and dreams.

Today, I want you to honestly think to yourself, how much are you contributing to the dream? Are you arguing and complaining about petty stuff that really has no bearing on your overall quality of life?

I would like you to consider that there are a lot of people out there claim to contribute, believing they are fighting for a cause, but really they are spreading the same negativity and doing the same posturing as the people they are criticizing.

Contribute to the dream, not the nightmare by leading by example. Stop selfishly trying to prove you’re right all the time. That’s insecure childish stuff that everyone see right through as you fearful that you might be found out as a normal person with flaws like the rest of us.

The best way to help the world–and this isn’t speculation– is to help yourself help others be great.


Jerry “real dreams” Washington


P.S. I might have gone a little meta at the end there. What I’m trying to say here is that you can’t just go around trying to help everybody before you help yourself. You’ll screw everything up. Work on your insecurities and fear by understanding that EVERYONE has insecurities and fears. All it takes is a conversation and a willingness to understand someone’s viewpoint that differs from yours.  Talk soon…

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