Hustle and Hard Work

Today we’re gonna talk about hustle and hard work and how it’s killing your workouts and probably the rest of your life.

Now, many people that read this might not have a problem with too much working out. I understand that, but what many people do have a problem with is when they actually do work out, they’re doing THE WRONG THING.

Let me explain if I can. Many people believe that when they want to lose weight that they should do cardio. I’ve heard people say they’re just trying to maintain, or worse, they aren’t trying to get bulky.

But the thing here is that cardio is only half of the puzzle. Basically, if you’re only doing cardio, you are not preparing your muscles and joints for the important things in life, like you know, sitting, bending over, picking up stuff. Stuff like that.

I don’t wanna go on too long, but the punchline here is that if you are only hitting one part of the problem, you can’t expect to get anywhere without having to work super hard. And just like with cardio, if you end up working too hard for too long, you will eventually injure yourself.

So take the short (and smart) route by getting some help. Help your cardio by doing resistance training or adding anaerobic (short burst) cardio into your routine.

Jerry “fitpro” Washington

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