How To Win More Than The Lottery

Want to make more money? I’m gonna make this as simple as possible today. Invest in yourself. You have to learn more than what you learned in school. Learn more than what you were taught when you first started your job. Learn more than you learned yesterday.

Invest in your systems of doing things and you will find that not only will they get easier, but more profitable. The thing is that so many people whine, cry, and complain, but all they do is put their money into things that rust, rot, and depreciate. 

It’s impossible to make any money if all you’re doing is throwing your money into consumer goods. Sure you have to eat, but if you aren’t balling, why you eating that Kobe steak and lobster??

I get it, you deserve nice things and who knows when you’re gonna go so live it up right? But the thing is, if you live everyday like that , then you will soon be grinding all day just to make up for past mistakes.

Life shouldn’t be about grinding everyday either. You can’t grind your way to success, you’ll burn out. Then you’ll end up needing more time to recover and you’ll find that you’re continually sprinting, stopping, then playing catch-up.

It’s your life, but there is a way you can live it so that you will always be in line with your potential and it starts with self education and ends with mentors/coaches.

That’s really all I got for you today. If you want to chat more about this jump into the chat with my private Facebook group Project SELFFY it’s a great way to discover your true potential and talk to others who are headed the same direction you are…UP!

If you’d rather chat with me personally, I’m always open for a good conversation. Simply click the link below to get in touch with me.

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Jerry “winner” Washington


P.S. It’s a fine balance trying to stay present and enjoy your current life while setting up a better life for your future self. Sometimes it takes sacrifices, but you don’t always have to sacrifice if you have a clear map of the direction you want to take. If you would like help setting up your plan for success, I can help and all you have to do is click here

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