How To Become Great At Just About Everything

Everyone wants to be good at something. But sometimes, the thing that you’re trying to tackle might be a little too far out of reach. You’ll know that because instead of exciting you, it depresses you.

What I would like you to consider today is that to gain success you don’t have to get it in leaps and bounds. In fact, that’s the worst way to try and get it because you’ll be more likely to fall flat on your face. If you want lasting success just find something that you can do consistently that you can get better at doing.

Need more balance? Practice brushing your teeth while standing on one foot. Need more flexibility? Stretch! Or stretch more than you’re doing now at least. Just doing a little something more than you’re doing now will always get you to where you wanna go in respect to success.

So if you suck, great! Now, everyone has lowered expectations and they’ll be even more surprised when you go out and crush it. Remember, success comes to you just a little bit at a time…until it doesn’t. If it doesn’t it either means you’ve either quit or you kept going. You decide which case will be yours.

Jerry “start small” Washington

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