Look What He’s Done To US

I really don’t know how to say this, but well actually really I DON’T know how to say this. But let me tell you this, I understand that we live in a very complicated world. Nothing is black and white. I mean hell, even black and white photos have shades of gray in them.


But I remember back in the day when hurricane Katrina hit. After all that ruckus, so many people came out to help. Actors, athletes, music celebrities. Speaking of which, you remember when Kanye West came on t.v and said “George Bush hates black people,” in front of a stunned Mike Myers?


I laughed at that, but we all thought it was a little crazy. Because you know, it kinda was…


But now…


We have a president that hasn’t started any wars and has actively reached out to the black community yet everybody is speaking out, but they’re not crazy??


OK, let me back up for a second, I can hear the collective groans already. And you starting to fix your mouth to say “But Jerry, that’s different.” So let me stop you right there and tell you that I’m not trying to get political here. I’m trying to make a point. That nobody, no situation, is ever black and white.


Beyond that, the way of thinking of things as black and white is so old school. The younger generations understand that there are so many variations and shades of gray that it’s really hard to say what is truly what.


Like I said, I don’t know how to say this, but it’s just difficult for me to see so many people blaming, self-sabotaging, and expressing an undirected displeasure towards basically everything in general.


It’s difficult for me because I was ABSOLUTELY one of those people. And it’s so hard for me to even write this one because I remember what it would be like to read something like this in that mindset.


I would be so triggered, but it’s the truth and I’m not trying to be all mightier than thou, because you know briznit, I’ve definitely done my dirt and have my own shit I’m ashamed of. I’m just trying to get people thinking a little before they commit to talking about things that they don’t really understand.


So look, I understand that you feel like you have to know or that you have to inform people of what’s going on, but I would have you consider that the only thing going on is in between our own two ears. Perception is reality and at the end of the day, FEAR is the perpetrator of mental slavery.


I don’t expect everyone to understand what I’m getting at here. I’m not a supporter of anyone politically, to be honest. I think they’re all different shades of exactly the same thing. I just want you to understand that the time you spend worrying about the outside is time that’s taken away from working on the inside.


If you fear anything from the outside, you haven’t spent enough time working on the inside.


Jerry “Fear not” Washington


P.S. I am kinda at a loss for words when it comes to the geopolitical stuff.  I know that there are people that we’ve traditionally elected to run the world, but I have a feeling that it’s gonna have to change soon. Maybe not next 50 years soon, but soon. It’s not because I believe our current system is right or wrong, it’s because I believe that we have the potential as humans to create and implement a system that is fair without the need for scrutiny.


Just imagine a world where everyone loves themselves so much that they actually see others in themselves. That is where we should be. Focus in, intention out. Talk soon…

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