Happy Monday Motha Fu….

It’s Monday, you gotta lot of stuff to do, so I’m gonna make this one quick.

A lot of people dread Monday because they have to get back on the grind. But the reason why you dread the week is mostly because of fear.  Fear that giving your best will make people make fun of you. You’re afraid that if you give 100%, it still might not be enough to get to your goals. You afraid of feeling like you’re not doing the right thing, so you’d rather do nothing at all rather than risk someone seeing you fail.

I get it, but you don’t have to let it be that way. The key to actively setting yourself apart from everyone else doing and feeling the same way about Mondays is to NOT do and think like everyone else does. Instead of hiding Monday through Thursday try to make an attempt to make yourself more visible, step even further outside the status quo. Be an active participant in your own destiny.

Once you’ve started to do that, then you can get some help by having an accountability partner. I don’t have all the answer, but I can keep you accountable. I’ve been doing it for years with my personal training and the same thing will work for you in your life. Everyone needs some help, Kobe had Shaq. Jordan had Pippen, Sherlock had Holmes. Who do you have?

Step your Mondays up and get in touch with by contacting me

Jerry “I love Mondays” Washington

P.S. If you’re in Philly around the 8th, I’ll be hosting a discussion about how to specifically reach your goals. Just click the link above to contact me for more info. Talk soon…




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