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Hack Your Goals With Passwords

Ok here it is. The ultimate brainwashing life hack.  This isn’t gonna take long so try not to blink.  In fact, you should blink now just in case. Ok you ready to learn how to use your computer to achieve all your goals?

I’ve actually written before about the science that backs this up here actually would like to preface this with a quick story about how I personally lost 30lbs. Don’t worry, it has everything to do with the life hack.  So a little while back I got this heart rate monitor for my gym. It was cool, it showed your calories burned and your exertion rate and it assigned you points base on some algorithm the company decided on.

Long story short, the belt lets you decide your nickname. As I’m opening up the package, I’m thinking about what my awesome nickname was gonna be. I decide on “awesomest person ever,” but unfortunately it’s too many characters. (Sounds like Thanksgiving at my house)

So I decide on “Fatkid.” I thought of it as a sort of motivation. It worked as motivation alright…I gained 15 pounds within 6 months of getting the belt. Not kidding, briznit, I put on a small toddler. After months of soul searching I decide to change the nickname by one letter to “Fitkid” and poof…magic. Lost 15 and then some!

So what’s the hack? Well check this out, you use your computer, right? You type in passwords to any website repeatedly? Like maybe your email, or bank accounts? Change your password today! Change it to a goal you have like “lose5pounds” or “make10000moredollars” (neither of those is my password, by the way, so no worry) and watch how you brainwash yourself into achieving your goals by tricking yourself into writing them down daily.

Pretty cool right? If you think so, leave a comment down below. I would greatly appreciate it, but either way, thanks for reading!

Jerry “hack that” Washington


8 thoughts on “Hack Your Goals With Passwords”

      1. Awesome!!! Thanks so much! Not often I put out hacks, so I’m glad you caught this one 😉

  1. Haa i do this too! Although I haven’t tried it for weight loss…yet 😉 I changed mine to Arizona2015 since I’ve always wanted to go there, and that year, in September, I went! I thought I’d never get there, not anytime that year anyway. Best trip of my life, so far ☺

    1. Now only if we could get it to lift weights for us and go out for a jog every once innna while…

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