Proving The Invisible


“…Prove it…” 
That’s what everybody wants
We all want proof that something exists.
We can prove just about anything

Including a few things we can’t see, like gravity and wind.

But what about those things that we can’t really see or measure?
Do they really exist?
Does God exist?
Does love exist?
It’s funny, so many believe that ghosts and bigfoot exists based on a few grainy photos
But you start talking about love and people freak out and start acting
Like you just let out a fart in church. 
There are some times when you simply have to believe that
There are yet unexplained forces at work. 
I invite you to imagine a world without belief…
We would have no innovation, people would never go beyond “what’s there”
Because if the first caveman didn’t have the belief that he could create fire on his own
Then you probably wouldn’t be reading
This message on your phone/laptop/tablet
What makes us believe in one thing that’s invisible, but not another?
It’s a question that we may never find the answer to. 
It’s just as true with love
Although you may not be able to measure it, you for damn sure can see
What happens when it’s absent. 
So whatever your belief on love, the power that it possesses is undeniable.
Proving the invisible is simple, but not easy. 
For us to understand the way it works, you must first work it to understand.
In other words, love everyone around you. 
You will always feel the power of it returned. 
Jerry “invisible love” Washington
P.S. I do believe in love, as corny as it may sound. 
Not in the lovey dovey hug somebody way, but in the way that it’s what is behind everything 
That we call reality. The spiritual gurus and quantum physicists seem to agree that we are
Somehow all connected and I think that connection is love

But we just haven’t figured out how to access it’s true power.

I think of it like trying to tell that cave man from earlier that he could make fire on his own

Instead of waiting for lighting to strike wood.

But, honestly I don’t claim to have all the answers, I just have a few right questions that
Help you think about how you can live out your life’s potential. If you would
Like to talk more, I would encourage you to join the conversation here:
Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

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