How To Go Out Of Your Mind (head)

I’m just gonna come right out and say it. Too many people these days are either daydreaming or living a nightmare. First, let me explain what I mean is that whether their head is up in the clouds or in the depths of hell, they are spending way too much time in their own mind.

The thing is that we have become so technologically advanced, so adept at changing the environment to fit our needs that we spend more time in our own head than ever before. People back in the day didn’t have to worry so much about if they came off wrong. in their latest tweet, or if they are using the right filter for their selfie on Instascam.  No, they were too busy busting their asses so their family could EAT!

The good thing is that we don’t have to spend our time trying to find food and make sure we have shelter. We have an advanced society that can communicate. And that’s exactly what we’ve lost touch with. Many people talk, but unfortunately, they aren’t saying much outside of their own self-interest.  The easiest way to not be heard is to always talk about yourself and your own problems.

The way to thrive is to understand that there are other people in this world besides yourself. And if you can occasionally take into consideration the way other people feel, then you will find that the world is a much, much easier place to live. Get out of your own mind. Live a life that takes others into consideration. Stay present and enjoy what life brings to you because you’re paying attention to it.

Jerry “present” Washington

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