Gangstas and Goodguys

Many of you have heard of this guy named El Chapo. For those who haven’t, he’s an escaped convict from Mexico that pulled off an epic escape.

I was curious as to how a man so dangerous could even escape when not one, but two countries were looking to keep him in jail for life.

After reading about his situation in reports and listening to interviews with people that were associated with him, I began to understand what he did.

It’s pretty amazing really…
This killer and dealer of drugs, not only had his thugs and hoodlums in his ranks ready at arms, but he essentially ran a whole community.

He had bakeries that worked with him, car dealerships, laundry mats, bars, and even some pretty upstanding citizens that were just hoping that he would donate to their cause (which he did quite often).

The thing is here that he outwardly showed his flaws. Albeit (nice word) criminal and illegal ones, while nonetheless (nother great word) showing an ability to display a great deal of compassion.

Did I just describe El Chapo as compassionate?

Kinda…the thing here is that this just shows how complex we ALL can be.

This guy is actually missed by his community because, despite all his flaws, they trusted in him.

It was through that trust that he came to help people

And that’s what I’m doing here with our program.
I don’t kill people, but trust me, I get results.
I’ve got a bad ass team that’s ready to help you get
All Tony Montana on your training.

If you’re ready to escape the prison of trying to do it on your own, why not consider General Fitness Company?

The effectiveness of our training is what sets us apart. Because like gangs are to the mafia, functional and effective training are to General  Fitness Company.

Jerry “El General” Washington

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