Fun Is Winning

You know what’s fun? Winning…

How do you do it? Well that’s actually easier than most people think. The thing you gravitate toward is the thing you should be doing so you can succeed in life.


Well, when you’re doing something fun. You tend to put more work into it. You don’t mind staying up late or putting in that extra hour of time to get a project done. If you love something, you tend to give up other things like going out or sitting around watching Netflix.

You see, brotein shake, fun is the catalyst for hard work. It’s not the fun that makes you win. It’s the fact that you’re putting in the work. And the key to success, in any realm, is the ability to put in work.

So find something that you’re passionate about. Have fun with it and discover how easy it is to create success in your own life.

Jerry “hard worker” Washington

P.S. There is one caveat. You also have to work smart. It’s hard to create success if you have no idea what you’re doing, so one smart thing to do is to always find help like a mentor or coach. Can’t find one? Check out my private Facebook group Project SELFFY. We’ve got a few people there waiting to have a conversation with you that will absolutely change your life…Talk soon!

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