I got another fireball here for you today

Ready to dance?

Set the scene
5 years ago…
I was recovering from

A broken foot, a broken leg, and dislocated ankle


Still not quite myself, I was looking to get into something

Not sure what, but I had to prove to myself that

The old me was on the way back.


Long story short, I entered a few races and failed miserably…
My ankle killed every time I ran,
And I thought I was doomed to never run any sort of distance
Then a colleague of mine suggested that I try power lifting
Again, long story short, entered a few events and I did better
But not how I would have liked

I was depressed,
I mean like really fucking depressed
It felt like everything that defined me
Was now mocking my very existence
What the fuck?!

I needed something, anything, to pull me out
Now, this is where it starts to get interesting
I started reading this random book called 2012
It talked about the Mayans and their beliefs in
How the world was supposed to end

Well that shit woke me up
Not that I thought that the world was gonna end
(well maybe a little)
But that I could at any moment go out as someone
Disappointed in his own existence

It was like a light switch had just been turned on
Sometimes we just need that switch
That fire
That something to tell us that this
This shit right here just ain’t cutting it

I get it bruh,
I’ve said em all and heard em all too
I’m too tired
I don’t have the money (I gotta pay to reach my fitness goals too)
I’ll do it tomorrow
Those are not the words of a champion and if you even want to
Sniff greatness
You better start with the mindset

I rambled a bit on this one I’m sorry, but I’m fired up
I have some good stuff for ya coming down the pike

In the meantime,

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Jerry “2 good legs” Washington



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