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Something interesting came up today in the inner circle about the dangers of not leading a fulfilled life and losing your freedom. Most people think it’s a joke that you can unknowingly cause yourself serious health issues. It’s kinda scary, to be honest. People literally die from this chemically dependency on something called dopamine. Don’t believe me? Check the stats. Americans, for the first time in history have a life expectancy that’s less than that of the generation before us.

WT(Freedom) is Dopamine?!

Sorry, I know you don’t have time for a science lesson today, being that you’ve got burgers on the grill and all. So I’ll give you the short freedom fry version. Dopamine is good in a lot of cases. It triggers our fight or flight response and it helps us to perform at higher levels than average. But the human body is not meant to live off of dopamine alone. In fact, broham, when you do overload your system with too much dopamine, you crash…big time. People with high levels of dopamine, need to feed that dopamine. If they don’t, they crash into depression.  Imagine a kid on a sugar rush. Then, remember what he’s like an hour after he ate those 3 candy bars…yah, that’s what it’s like every single day if you’ve spiked your dopamine too many times.

You may have had that feeling that you just aren’t comfortable where you are or even angry with your current situation. I’ve got news for you brozilla, that’s not normal. Not even close and worst part is, the more you try to trick yourself into thinking that where you are is OK, the more you are going to be fighting against what every fiber of your being wants…nay NEEDS. And I don’t even want to get into the emotional consequences…

How to Gain What You’ve Lost

So listen up. I care about you. You are reading this because you really want to see a positive change in your life. I respect that and I believe in you because of that. I don’t have all the answers, but I would have you consider that there really is a solution. You don’t have to let the poison drip of the mediocre life kill your dreams. Our forefathers found the solution 250 years ago. It’s called freedom. Now let’s make them proud by enjoying it today!

Jerry “happy birthday America” Washington

P.S. It’s especially important to understand that you have control over your own life. No one person or institution takes any more power than you give them. I’ll be talking about that a little more in my inner circle. I’d like you to join now if you’re ready to take control, just click the link here and be taken to the sign up page. Talk soon…

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