Everyone’s Waiting…

You know broham there’s one thing out there that absolutely is killing everyone’s chance at success. It’s crazy because people that succumb to this are literally batting zero for infinity, yet people keep doing it. It’s what we’re gonna briefly talk about today and I hope that we finally put an end to all this waiting around. 

Look, I’m not talking about anything outlandish like taking a solo trip to Fiji or work on the next Uber for lawnmowers (don’t take my idea I haven’t gotten around to it yet, ha!). People are waiting for simple things like:

Making more money
Having better quality friends

Simply being a part of something great

It’s kind of insane to think that people are literally WAITING to live a better quality of life than they currently have and it’s all because of one reason…


Okay, broseph, I totally get it. Fear of the unknown is a real thing, but you know what’s also real? Regret. The question remains, however, if fear ultimately leads to regret, then why do so many people still(!) put off doing things that they know they want to do?

Listen, you just gotta be just a little brave. Brave people stand up for themselves. They don’t rely on anyone but themselves to create their happiness. Most importantly, brave people are already happy so they don’t spend money on stupid stuff. 

At the end of the day, I’d like you to consider this. Many people give up on themselves before they even get started. Honestly, if your go-to move is to give up, then why would anyone have reason to want help you when you say you say you’re going to make a move towards your goals? Stop waiting for perfect conditions. Get your shit together and start today to get what you want. 

Jerry “Impatient” Washington

P.S. Honestly, everybody has doubts, but doubts and fear are indicators that you’re probably headed in the right direction. You want to be happy, I know you do, but you can’t do it just dreaming about it. Here’s a powerful video that I recorded a few months back about developing the mindset to conquer your excuses and take charge or your life…Talk soon!

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