Do You Trust Me?

Imagine, it’s 30,000 years ago. You hear a stick break in the woods.

“What was that?” You think to yourself as you pause to hear movement around you. You look around and you see nothing, but all of a sudden you hear more sticks and everything around you seems to all of a sudden be alive with motion.

Just then you see something in the distance, it’s definitely bigger than you and it seems to be approaching you slowly…

You squint and begin to make out that it’s a lion and it looks like it’s out for the kill. Luckily you’re more agile and you brought your hunting spear for just such an occasion.

Fast forward to now.

You’re sitting there reading this from your computer, tablet, or phone and you’ve seen a lion maybe once, but it sure didn’t look like it was going to do much to you behind that cage. Yet, for some reason we are still alarmed by those damn sticks in the woods.

The short answer for that is when our ancestors heard sticks in the woods, the ones that acted appropriately (alarmed/alert) survived. Meanwhile, the ones that didn’t act appropriately (think white girl in scary movies) didn’t survive to become anyone’s ancestors.

What I’m getting at here is our minds are still wired like they were 30,000 years ago. We still experience the same emotions, have the same intuitions and cravings, yet we live in a world that is conducive to none of that. We have essentially out revolutionized our evolution.

In other words, we still hear the sticks, but there are no lions.

That is something that we have to take into consideration today as we make our way through this world to find what gives us fulfillment. Even though we live in an advanced world, our brain is still and I hate to say it, basic.

So what I would have you consider is that when you strip away all the bells and whistles from anything you come in contact with nowadays, the most important factor is trust.

Do you trust the person in front of you?

What are you doing to build trust for others in your life?

These two questions I believe, have been lost from society today in lieu of looking and seeming the fanciest.

That’s why I would so humbly ask you to consider who or what you’ve been trying to project to the world and if it accurately represents your true character. If it’s not, I want to show you how.

In my Inner Circle, I tackle these issues that many of us face along with dropping some kickass (if I do say so myself) fitness knowledge to boot. It’s not all about chicken and broccoli anymore folks. I’m trying to change lives here.

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Jerry “Trust Me.” Washington

P.S. I’m serious about helping you. I’m not trying to get rich off of anyone by advertising on my blog or selling programs, I truly just want to help people reach their potential. Do you trust me? I can show you a new world. Leave your comments below. Talk soon…

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  1. What do you mean “white girl in a scary movie?” OK, you’re right. 😀

    I think what you’re doing here is a very good thing. It’s not all about chicken and broccoli anymore. And that’s how it should be.

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