Grinding It Out

Was hanging with a few old chums out in the D.C. area this weekend.

I wasn’t really expecting to spend the night, but they twisted my arm

By offering to put me up in the hotel room  that is the guest bedroom.
What really amazed me, besides their electric fireplace

Was the fact that they had a pretty nice collection of

Movies due to their investment in pretty much every

Streaming service known to man.
But look, I watched the coolest movie about this guy named Ray A. Kroc

You may know him as the founder of what we know as McDonald’s Ltd.
Ray went through a lot to ensure that he could cement his legacy and

Build his restaurants all over the world.
There is one very important take away from that movie that this self made

Billionaire so eloquently demonstrated time and time again in his efforts

In amassing his burger empire….


Throughout his struggles to find wealth, he loses some pretty important things.

He loses his wife, many of his friends, and indirectly caused someone to die.


Dood, hustling is one thing, but when you are starting to affect people negatively

Then you might be doing it for the wrong reasons.


I’ll have you consider that there is more to life than just money.

I mean money is great and all, but you can’t make out with it.

You can’t take it for long walks on the beach

You won’t increase your spiritual awareness with it

And it’s not gonna sit down and play board games with ya.


Things aren’t always what they seem with happiness and money.

Think today if someone said they would give you 500 million dollars

Would you be willing to give up ever having fun with your friends?

Would you give up the potential for ever having a

Solid relationship outside of business?

Would you drink yourself to death after you had amassed that fortune?


The good life is more than just building up your fortune or

Increasing your friend count on Flakebook and Twatter.


There are many aspects to happiness in life, but I’ve cut them down to four

“F’s” of  very simple aspects of living the good life.



Finance and



You can think of them like intertwined support structures for your life

When you build one up, you have to build the others up as well or else you

Have an unstable structure that is bound to eventually fall.


It’s simple but not easy broham and I can teach you how to lead a stable life

That keeps all those structures up for you.

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Jerry “getting money AND friends” Washington


P.S. I like hamburgers…just not from McDonald’s but I do respect that work

That went into creating that empire. I would like you to comment on something that

You’ve put hard work into and what it got you. Talk soon…


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