The Death of Your Diet

Okay first off, if you want to make a lasting life change, it doesn’t start by doing something temporary.

Yes, I’m talking about your diet. Quick fixes like shakes, pills, cleanses or anything that you don’t plan on doing for the rest of your life are a big NO NO

^^^ Read that again Bro DiMaggio…

Life is a marathon and you go around trying to run it like a sprint, you’re likely to get burnt out only to have to start your approach again, most likely in a worse position.

So Where Do You Start?

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Well first start off by realizing that dieting will get you nowhere and the only real way to make sure that what you’re doing will last is to change what your eating, or in other words adjust your nutrition.

This doesn’t mean completely cut foods out of your diet. If you like ice cream or soda, instead of eliminating it, try to slow down your intake. Instead of 3-4x a week, try reaching for that pint, or bottle 2-3 times.

Now, of course, if you’re gonna consume just as much junk in a lesser amount of time, it’s just not gonna work so you have to…

Know What You Want


People that are serious about their goals actually track them. You can start doing that by finding out how many calories you’re consuming now, then come up with a game plan to eat fewer sugars, or more protein, or fewer calories…whatever your goal is, keep in mind where you want to go and then map out a game plan to get you there.

Another thing you want to keep in mind as well is exactly what you’re eating/drinking.

For instance: A cup of low-fat yogurt may be low in fat, but it has 47 grams of sugar(!!)

Be careful and make sure that what you’re eating lines up with your goals.

And finally…

Invest In Yourself



Making a change takes effort. There aren’t many things out there that are worth having that come to you automatically so you have to put money, time, and energy into it.

Eating healthy is, unfortunately, not the most inexpensive thing in the world, but it’s definitely cheaper than an ER visit for high blood pressure, hypertension, a stroke or any other symptoms you might experience due to an unhealthy diet.

Like any investment, you’re not likely to see results right away. Instead, you’ll see incremental progress. That’s something you’ll have to consider especially on those days when you don’t “feel like” being healthy and you want to return back to your old ways.

Remember you’re on a mission…a lifelong mission and the only way to complete it successfully is to keep at it.

The Punchline


Dieting is for suckers that aren’t disciplined enough to make a lasting change in their life. Don’t get fooled by gimmicks and products that are full of smoke and mirrors.

Especially stay away from those quick fix pills and powders. You aren’t going to be taking them your whole life, so you’re just better off doing it the tried and true way.

Eat right and exercise

Jerry “(summer) 2018 ready” Washington

P.S. One other (almost) guaranteed way to reach your fitness goals is to have an accountability partner. Recruiting someone that can help (ahem) can…well…help. Remember, you’re not just paying for someone to tell you what to do, or count your reps, or even buying overpriced food. You’re investing in yourself because that’s the best investment you can ever make. If you’d like to talk more about how I might be able to help you reach your personal goals for 2018 feel free to shoot me a message at Talk soon…

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