Chopped And BBQ’d

I had the rare opportunity of watching t.v. yesterday and I was watching this cooking show called Chopped

It was a marathon so I caught it half way through, picked a couple of favorites and rode them out to the championship round

One of my favorites on this “Grill Masters” edition was this cowboy named Kent.
This guy was a straight up cowboy and made you fall in love with him, because even though there were some ingredients that he had never heard of, he always prepared them the best way he could by tasting a bit before it was cooked and the judges loved his dishes every time.

After a few hours they showed him in the championship round against a seasoned (and verrry well fed) chef well versed in grill cooking.

Kent was doing well with his method of experimentation then using past experience to help him.
Unfortunately, he made a huge error in assuming that green plantains taste like what they look like (bananas)…they don’t…

Kent pretty much lost because of that decision and it brings up a pretty good lesson for you and I.

When you are in a difficult situation, it’s tough not to want to handle it the way you always have, but unfortunately for you (and Kent) it doesn’t work that way all the time

You see doodle bug, no one knows everything and even I turn to my advisors when I have pressing issues that I just can’t mange on my own

So why is it that so many people same the mistake as Kent?

Call it pride,
Maybe ego,
Or maybe even they don’t want to admit the issue is as serious as it is.

Either way the key is, no one
And I mean NO ONE can succeed on their own without a little help

My program can help you to win the championship round to your health.
The prize?
A longer more fulfilling life

If you’re ready to get cooking on that, I urge you to consider

Jerry “BBQ sauce” Washington

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