Give Until It Hurts

You see, broham, although my mother only got a purse out of the whole ordeal, she really got so much more. The thing about giving is that you also get. Many people think that when you give you leave a void. While that might be true...

By Jerry, ago

Self “Helping”

The thing about having someone to be accountable to is that it helps me stay somewhat distracted when the negative voices start creeping in. (Yeah, I get em too sometimes) Accountability helps drown out the voice that says I didn't do enough, or that I don't deserve to give myself the best. 

By Jerry, ago

Let’s Go To WAR (Kinda)

Think about it, it's impossible to know everything, so you need people around you that see the world differently than you.  There's something I'd like you to consider today. Consider who you are being influenced by and who is giving you feedback?  You have the power to choose. But don't choose to do it on your own. Consider choosing to go with honesty, integrity, and tact.

By Jerry, ago
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