You can get cheap clothes Cheap food Cheap dates…the list goes on. Its really your choice, but as for me Life is for living. Now don’t get me wrong buddy, I’m not going to go broke Trying to live the good life Because keeping up with the “Jones’s” is for the birds. But I do …

Your(e) History

You may experience what seems to be disaster at times, but know that according to history

The opportunity for new even more complex, outcomes becomes more probable.

WE are the future.

Collectively and individually

Evolve or die

That’s nature’s motto and it…

I Lied

I’ve since controlled my habit and stopped stocking the shelves at home. (Key to stopping all habits)

I rarely drink when I’m out and I have probably more fun than I ever had.

Now I’m not saying you just being O.K is not…well…O.K.

What you really have to consider is if being just “O.K” is acceptable.