Building an Empire

I’m a huge fan of this show called Empire. It reminds me of those soap operas from the 80s except it’s about a music business.

Other than that, it pretty much reminds me of that show Dallas, where everyone was cutthroat and nobody was in it unless it was about money and power.

I watch it on Hulu, so I’m pretty sure I’m not giving anything away.

But everyone in the family is fighting for control of this recording company and it’s up to the Uber male father (Luscious Lyon) to help keep the company and family together

It’s pretty twisted how each one of these family members is trying to back stab one another or worse, kill each other just to be named king of the mountain.

All the while taking their eyes off the even bigger prize. Happiness

In the episode I watched, the father was just sent to jail for murder (yeah pretty cold blooded too) While he was in jail, his whole family fought each other to take control of the company.

Meanwhile, the prison was on the verge of ensuring that the father’s long-time rival would get transferred over.

Its amazing what happens from there.

Somehow he thwarts the plans of his family’s hostile takeover

Then he makes sure that his rival never sees the light of day again.

Luscious the father kept his composure

And even from jail, executed a phenomenal plan to ensure control of his company while also ridding himself of his rival.

But in executing his plan there was one theme that rang throughout

He always had people helping him.

Picasso had an assistant that woke him up and got him ready to paint each day.

Ghandi had an assistant that was with him every waking moment.

Hell even the great Steve Jobs had a team of consultants.

It’s time to admit.

You simply can’t do it on your own.

I mean I know you’re awesome and all, but if someone as brilliant as Steve Jobs needed a squad…

Why do you think that you can get the same success on your own.

I’m sorry care bear it doesn’t happen like that.

No man is or should be an island to himself

I have the way off that island though

It’s called the General Fitness Company

And we are a team of individuals that help each other win.

It’s amazing to see how a group of motivated people come together and really have each other’s backs.

I’m a witness of such greatness

People succeed not only in fitness with my program, but in life.

Plenty of people as a result of my program have changed their lives and their attitudes.

They went on to start their companies

Or get raises at work

Or find happiness elsewhere (like in bed maybe?)

Because they know they have joined a program they can trust to service all of their fitness needs

And our group setting helps us to encourage each other to succeed and push each other further

Ready to join a winning team?

Click here to get started:

Jerry “good teammate” Washington

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