Overnight Success (How To Get Rich Quick)

Oh you’re here for the get rich quick scheme…good!!! I think you should really pay attention to this right now. Especially, if you are thinking of investing any kind of money towards anything.

You ready to get rich?!?!


Ok so first lesson on being an overnight success and getting rich super fast:

  1. You can’t
  2. It’s impossible

Alright that just about covers it…

Oh I ‘spose you wanna know why huh? Okay, fine the reason why it’s not such a good idea to invest in being an overnight success is because in the history of the world, it has never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (should I keep going?) happened.

Sure there have been people that’ve gotten lucky and have invested in the right thing at the right time and there are even more people that have lucked out by winning big in the lottery, but I almost 100% can guarantee you those people aren’t winning now. They didn’t have a plan so they are most likely not in the same position they’re in when they first got their money.

You see, the first thing that Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffett’s mentor) says about investing or making money is that you can’t suck your thumb. And that means that you can’t have these 10, 15 year plans that you believe are gonna work just because they’re your idea. 

It doesn’t work like that. But you know what does work? Having a real plan of not getting rich, but acquiring wealth.

The real lesson that we should be learning here is about how to get wealthy and that, has been laid out in 3 simple steps by Benny G:

  1. Acquire knowledge about what you’re investing in. You want to invest in real estate? Don’t just look for a “great deal,” because sometimes you can get a great deal on a piece of junk when you could have gotten a good deal on something that’s higher quality and will retain it’s value.
  2. Get good judgement. Once you’ve acquired knowledge, then you can run experiments and have good judgment about the results. It’s not a guessing game anymore. You can now figure out what works from what doesn’t relatively easily because you’ve worked on becoming more knowledgeable.
  3. Don’t be scared. If you’ve got the knowledge and the judgement, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the courage to make a correct decision.

So there ya have it. 3 simple rules to success brotein shake. They’re simple, but not easy. It takes time and that’s why it’s impossible to be an overnight success. The reality of an overnight success is that a vast majority of them spent their time creeping in the shadows and staying quiet until they were sure they had something worth showing to the public.  So if you have something that you think will make you trillions, please, for your own sake, take a long look at those 3 simple rules above.

Jerry “money magnet” Washington

P.S. These rules don’t just apply to getting wealthy, they also apply to relationships, your health, and many other important decisions that may affect your life path. These are ultra important because these 3 lessons alone have created billionaires. I bet you could use a little bit of that, so think about where you want to go next from here and get to making some good judgement calls. Talk soon…

Bout Dat Life…

Man, I don’t want this to come off the wrong way, but there are some people in this world that have some real balls to say and do the things they do. I’m talking about those that feel like that they are a pro because they read a book or have a few years experience in a certain field.

Myself included….

Oh shizzz man I think I need a hug cuz I’m feeling some type of way about what I’m about to say. I fucked up…Big Time. Like for realz broham. You see, brothalemieu, a few weeks back, I thought I was doing the world a service by hosting a seminar about stepping your game up with motivation and inspiration. I thought, hey I gotta start somewhere right? So why not start here, during the midst of my gym opening??

Wrong answer for so many reasons.

There are so many “(k)no(w) it alls out there that honestly when you look out into the world it’s just a see of debutants that have just a little bit of knowledge on one subject and then all of a sudden, seem to know everything about everything and on Saturday, July the 8th 2017 I joined the ranks of the idiotic debutants….

What am I ranting about here? Well to be honest, while I understand that I know that in regards to motivation, I have “it,” I have to say that at this moment I am not qualified to teach people how they may find it within themselves. I bought into the hype of the underqualified life coaches that believe that the key to helping anyone is simply a few quotes from history’s greats and a good motivational speech about achieving greatness.

It really isn’t that simple and the fact that there are so many people out there making money doing that very same thing is a little sickening. I, at least take comfort in the fact that I didn’t charge anyone to attend the seminar. But, in the grand scheme of things, you can see how this is a problem.

There are so many people out there that buy into their own hype. They read a book or two and then all of a sudden everything lines up and they find the reason for everything based on those few paragraphs they found that they can apply to their own issues. I get it, but I for one will say that I recognize now that the better solution is to start a conversation.

So…I invite you to share any issues that you may have in regards to family, fitness, fun, or fulfillment so that we can explore them together. I don’t want to be the “expert,” but I do hope to facilitate an intriguing conversation that may eventually lead to both of us understanding a little more about ourselves and the world around us.

So whadya say? You in? Reply below…

Jerry “still learning” Washington

P.S. I regret NOTHING ever. It’s not like I’m some crazy psychopath that just does whatever and has no remorse. I’m normal just like you and I make some misjudgments, but honestly, the thing about living your life your way is that you can grow to accept that sometimes things don’t work out. It’s when you’re honest with yourself that you can actually reap the rewards of your mistakes and find the hidden seed of equivalent success. Talk soon…

Fitness Tippin’

Helpful fitness tips

Man! Who knew opening your own business could be so time consuming?!?! Ok, just kidding I knew, but still…

A little while back, I promised a few fitness tips on how to prevent your body from breaking down and unfortunately I didn’t get to it. Luckily for you, I’m gonna release these gems that I normally reserve for my inner circle right here.

You ready? Here goes…

Where It Starts

Ok, this is where people really get it twisted. Most people believe that if you have a weakness, that you should work it out to get it stronger. This is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, you should look to do the opposite. Well…not exactly the opposite, but for the most part, weakness is a sign of system dysfunction.

Think of it this way. Say you have a sail boat and one of the masts is broken. You wouldn’t want to take it out sailing to get the masts stronger. As you can imagine, it would make the situation worse and that’s really only half the problem.

With a boat, if one of those masts breaks, it’s unfortunate. You’d still be able to use the boat (although not in the same way). With your body, if one of your “masts” breaks, it creates a chain effect throughout your whole system. Something seemingly insignificant as a twisted ankle can set in motion a ripple effect that will permanently destroy your ability to move properly again unless you take action to correct it…NOW!

Baby Got Back

Been working as a sort of intern at a chiropractic office here in Philly. These guys are legit (official chiros for Temple football) and I have to say that I’ve learned so much from them and how the body works. I also have to tip my hat to them, because they spurned my curiosity and encouraged me to learn more about the way the body works through lectures and books.

The thing that I’ve learned through all my studies is that almost all physiological issues stem from some sort of imbalance in the spine. So that pain in your shoulder? Started in your spine. Your knee? In the spine as well. That shooting pain down your leg when you bend forward or too far back? Definitely your spine broham!

So what do you do to save your back (ass)?

Get “High”drated

Without going into too much anatomy and physiology here I’m going to give you three general things you can do to improve your overall fitness as well as maintain the health of your spine.

  1. Drink lots of water– Every fitness guru says you should drink water, but they never tell you how good it is for your back. Your spine needs water to stay spongy and springy. It uses the water to keep just the right amount of pressure on your joints and muscles so that it doesn’t A) let your spine grind against itself or B) Become so rigid it can’t move at all. Water helps to flush out the bad stuff that can build up and will stay there to keep your body moving freely.
  2. Stay tall- Whatever you do, you don’t want to put any unnecessary strain on any one disc or vertebrae with your spine. While sometimes that can’t be helped, that definitely should not be the norm. You can prevent this by practicing good posture.
  3. Move- Last, but not least, move. The key to preventing stiffening in the spine and subsequent dysfunction in any of the succeeding joints along the chain (sounding kinda nerdy right there) is to perform a variety of movements throughout the day.

So there you have It’s by no means comprehensive, but like your spine, it’s a very solid base to start from. There are far more elements, but I don’t have time to go over everything with you today.


I do appreciate you taking the time to read this. But more importantly, your body will thank you. Supreme fitness is rather elusive, so for many of us, it’s a matter of getting all the help we can get. Just know that I’ll always be happy to help with any questions or ideas. (Especially as it pertains to posture)

Jerry “I got your back” Washington

P.S. If you really would like to talk more about this or any fitness related topic, I’m all ears. I’d be more than happy to chat, just comment below, or shoot me a message here. Talk soon…