The Space

You see, H2 Bro, in life, you are bound to run across resistance or obstacles. They may not be as severe or as life-threatening as living in a concentration camp, but they are nonetheless your issues. So how do can you be the most effective at dealing with them?

By Jerry, ago

Give Until It Hurts

You see, broham, although my mother only got a purse out of the whole ordeal, she really got so much more. The thing about giving is that you also get. Many people think that when you give you leave a void. While that might be true...

By Jerry, ago

How To Do Everything Good…Er…Well

Achieving your dreams isn't hard, it all really boils down to you changing your language so that you have a "what," a strong "why," and a few "hows." Once you give it a few tries (you're not gonna get it right at first), you'll find a pattern of effectiveness that works specifically for you.

By Jerry, ago
How To Strengthen Your Back Without Hurting Yourself
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