So Amazing…

So I ordered this new book called Modern Romance: An Investigation
From a comedian by the name Aziz Ansari
He’s the same guy that plays Tom on the show
Parks and Rec

It’s a book that gives insight to how relationships work
In this day and age of modern technology and it’s pretty much
A book about how he and his team ask serious questions about
Online relationships and then they analyze the data while he brings his
Witty commentary in describing the findings

But I digress, the reason why I needed this book,
Is because it’s actually a serious look into how the modern
Person thinks and acts

You see broseph, Aziz in one of his stand-ups, actually made an
Awesome observation about how black people
Are absolutely amazed by magic
There is no in ambivalence (nice word)

It’s the same with fitness
There really is no
In between
You are either working out or not
Eating right or not
Happy where you are or not

There is no “magic” that can get you a
Fit body
Only temporary solutions

The only permanent solution to

  •     Fear of getting worse or staying the same

  •     Look the way you want and have more sex (yeah I said it!)

  •    Stop being angry at your current situation

Is to change your current situation

Let The General Fitness Company work its magic


Jerry “Magic Man” Washington

P.S.  Here’s Aziz Ansari’s take on the accuracy of this black stereotype. Hilarious! :

P.P.S. You wanna see how much black people love magic? Here’s Compton’s reaction to a few magicians performing street magic

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