Black and White Solutions (In a world of gray)

Wanna get ahead in the world? There are really only just a few answers. Yet, many people tend to complicate things.


Well, Brocrates, it’s because we live in a world that is often gray. It’s neither black or white. Our solutions need to be gray, but you can’t win if you’re too emotional and logic doesn’t always make sense.

The answer?

It comes down to the ability to think with your mind AND your heart. It’s a simple concept, but it’s not so easy. However, Naveen Jain, CEO of Intelius gave us some insight with the following quote:

“The human brain works as a binary computer and can only analyze the exact information-based zeros and ones (or black and white). Our heart is more like a chemical computer that uses fuzzy logic to analyze information that can’t be easily defined in zeros and ones.”

We can be at our best if we not only work to develop our intellect but also our intuition.

Jerry “logically emotional computer” Washington

P.S. The greatest people in the world know how to balance logic and emotion. It’s not easy, but it comes with practice and surrounding yourself with people who are doing the same. I would like to encourage you to take a listen to my latest podcast (episode 54 to date) on iTunes, or Google Pod, or any of the other 8 platforms such as Spotify. Thanks for listening/reading… Talk soon!

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