Autumn (Change)

So today I was at the Rhode Island Autumn Fest in one of my adopted home towns, Woonsocket.

It was pretty sweet.

And plenty of people that knew me

Well, not really, but you see the thing is, my family has lived here for


I mean since Kennedy was present so when a family member takes me anywhere I’m greeted by the ever familiar

“Jerry junior is that you?”

Everywhere I go

I get greeted by strangers that want to know how my life in Philadelphia has turned out, as I am the only Washington that has managed to stay out of the New England area upon initial departure.

It’s great, I’m always walking around with a smile and that makes people really want to know who I am

You see buttercup, what you may or may not know about me is that I come from a family of people that have hardly even moved out of the city let alone the area.

My grandmother was illiterate and my grandfather?

Well he died before I was born because he couldn’t put down the bottle.

I wasn’t supposed to be a success

But here I am smiling, greeting strangers like I’m running for office.

I’m a product of the advice I give you everyday.

What I learned growing up was that if you want something different you have to be something different.

I knew growing up that I was a little different, that I wanted something else.

I bet there is something different out there for you as well.

Want it?

Well you don’t have to do like I did and move, but might I suggest you try a few things a little differently.

Instead of giving up when you’re tired, don’t

Instead of giving up when you’re busy, don’t

Instead of giving up when you’re confused or make a mistake


You see mon ami, it’s so simple, but yet many people I know, including my own family just hasn’t gotten to that point yet.

You took the initiative to subscribe to these e-mails because I’m sure you are looking to make a change somewhere in life.

It may not even be in fitness, or with my program, but if you listen to and apply just a little of what I say in your own life, you’ll see that it works.

Look I don’t expect a complete change tomorrow.

But you can start by clicking here:

It’s most certainly a step in the right direction and most importantly, it will give you the momentum you need to keep going, even when you feel like giving up.

Let’s get it!

Jerry “former Woonsocket resident” Washington

P.S. some people take the “never give up” mantra too literally and keep trying the same thing over and over. Not exactly what I mean. Try to complete your mission using different tactics. If you don’t, you’ll end up looking like these folks.

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