That’s me up there. I’ve been training people like yourself for over 10 years now…

Yeah you might be somewhat impressed by my appearance on

NBC’s American Ninja Warrior or my 6 NCAA All-American awards in Track and Field.

Maybe you might even want to know more about how I won the WNPF World

Championship by curling 190 lbs. (When I weighed 190lbs.)

But ….

I have a feeling that what you really want to know is…


What We Can Do To Help You


If you’re the type of person that not only wants your body to be great but also your finances, relationships, and fulfillment as well, then YOU are why we exist.

If you are reading this right now you’re probably alive. And you’ve probably tried it all. But if you’re ready to begin a journey that will almost immediately change your life, then you should thank yourself for stopping in because you’ve just taken the first step.


Take a look @ some of our clients’ training videos below.