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Jerry Washington is a committed, knowledgeable, enthusiastic trainer who makes the experience fun, interesting and always wonderful. He tailors programs to individual fitness levels, he monitors progress, encourages people to do their best and he mixes up the exercises. No two days are ever the same. [Working out with him] is the absolute best and it changes lives for the better.  I love it!

-Fran B.

Thank you, Jerry Washington!

When I first started training with Jerry, I was the walking wounded! I had perpetual back pain that limited my exercise options. Jerry was the first person to realize that my pain was emanating from my hip (something that so many Doctors missed). He then helped me build my strength back in a safe and effective way.

I started my journey with “baby steps”. It was frustrating not to jump back into my normal routine, but Jerry was a stickler for proper movement and form.

As a physical therapist, I can be wary of trainers; however, Jerry is well read, understands body mechanics, and thinks outside the box. I have trained with him for 1 ½ years and every session is a different and unique workout. He likes to challenge you in a way so that you don’t realize how hard you are working. The other day, I was amazed by my strength and flexibility improvement – I was able to participate in an advanced workout that I would never have been able to do without Jerry. I am grateful for my “improved”, pain free, and stronger body and to have Jerry in my life!

Stephanie G. PT

Jerry has a positive attitude and an infectious energy!! His knowledge of exercise, overall fitness and anatomy is comprehensive and he is an incredible motivator. These elements are the keys to an amazing personal trainer and boot camp leader. I would highly recommend [training with him] to anyone who is looking to achieve fitness and weight loss goals either one-on-one or in a group boot camp. I’ve worked with Jerry in both settings and have always been impressed!! The workouts are efficient and extremely effective and Jerry’s encouragement throughout drives you to supersede your own mental blocks and limitations. If you have the opportunity to work with Jerry  I would recommend that you jump at the chance! 

Laura R.

I am pushed to my limits on a daily basis…and the results are rewarding.  Since each workout is different and there are always new exercises being introduced, I never get bored and it keeps me physically challenged. The positive atmosphere created by Jerry and the other members keeps me motivated and makes it fun to attend! 

-Marisa M.

Jerry does a great job in managing exercise and coaching on diet. They work together and he doesn’t let you forget that. Moreover, Jerry offers suggestions to fit the customer, but not based on special or expensive equipment. Lastly, Jerry offer a holistic approach to health and fitness that is fun.

-Terry B

Jerry is a phenomenal trainer and coach. Having successfully worked with him over the course of many years in both group boot camp sessions and one-on-one training sessions, I find that he is exceptionally talented at blending physical and mental training. He is highly motivational, a consummate professional, and his working style challenges clients to test their limitations as a means to break through personal barriers to achieve fitness goals. He is always willing to share his expertise, and genuinely cares about client personal growth and achievements. I highly recommend Jerry as a personal fitness trainer and coach for individuals at all levels of fitness whether you are a beginner starting a new regimen, or a seasoned athlete seeking to step up your game.

-Denise H.

Jerry is a caring trainer. He likes me to progress in my fitness skills and regimen. Jerry often makes suggestions toward my fitness acceleration based upon my concerns. I recommend Jerry Washington without reservation

-Linda S.

I took TRX classes with Jerry for over a year. (I moved to the city and had to switch gyms, otherwise would have kept training with him!) He is a very knowledgeable trainer and always pushed me to do my best during the workouts. His workouts were always different, which kept the class interesting. I always looked forward to training with him and loved the results I achieved!! Jerry has a great sense of humor and makes the workout fun! I highly recommend him as a trainer!

-Lindsey G.



Jerry Washington has taken training and my fitness to a new level. He has taken my age into account to give me an experience that matches my physical needs. Jerry has taken a great interest into developing a program that emphasizes flexibility as well as cardio capability. He even is serving an internship with a chiropractor in order to develop new exercises. In order to do this, we devote one half hour session just for stretching and it has proven to be a worthwhile investment. I would recommend Jerry to anyone who is serious about maintaining a desired quality of life well into one’s senior years. We have been preparing for hitting 60 for a few years and now that I am here, I do not even feel close to my age.


Larry Ceisler

215-735-6760  office

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I have done personal training with Jerry Washington for about 7 years – hard to remember now.  I have admired his flexibility to work with many different clients. He is comfortable with me – a 60+ year old woman – whose goal is to maintain myself as a strong healthy woman – and with younger clients who have specific fitness targets to achieve and surpass.  Following my major cardiac surgery, he ingeniously developed a modified training program I could do at home to regain my energy and strength. Jerry’s emphasis is on whole body movement and strength, to enable a person to continue to be as strong and active as she can. He is unfailingly positive, even in the face of personal adversity on his part or on the part of his clients, which can occasionally be annoying if one is committed to having a grumpy day but hardly something to complain about.

Gene Bishop, MD

It has been almost ten years since I first started working out with Jerry Washington. I would not consider myself a terribly sporty person with a definable fitness regiment, though I tried to stay somewhat active (but definitely not active enough) throughout my 20s and 30s, picking up a game of tennis, racquetball, golf, or table tennis here and there. I wasted money on a gym membership in the past because I was never disciplined enough to go regularly and soon found working out with machines repetitive and boring. But age caught up with me after I turned 40. Given that I was spending most of my time in front of the computer because of my line of work, I started gaining weight and developing pains in my lower back, neck, and shoulders. Finally, one Saturday morning, I got tired of feeling sorry for myself and started searching for available exercise venues within close proximity to my home. That was how I came across AFC Fitness and subsequently Jerry my trainer.

My goals then and now have not changed much. They are modest. I have no desire to run a marathon or enter a bodybuilding competition. I simply want to keep my body in some reasonable shape to manage—if not entirely eliminate—the aches and pains that result in a line of work and lifestyle that consist of many hours sitting at a desk day in and day out. My core needs strengthening. I want to build some muscles, work on my balance, improve flexibility in my joints, and have better stamina. Because I would not have known my limits for lifting weights and working on cardio exercises, I feel safer working with Jerry, knowing that he will challenge me with increasingly heavier weights and more difficult exercises, but at the same time protect me from injury. Most importantly, Jerry has so many different exercises to work the various parts of the body, using free weights, machines, the TRX, etc., that boring is never the word I would use to describe my training sessions. Challenging? Yes. Dull? Never.

In the past 18 months, upon Jerry’s recommendation, I have been taking one of my two hourly sessions per week and splitting it into two 30-minute portions. In these split sessions, I work out for half an hour, and Jerry helps me stretch for half an hour. Then, at the next session, I would work out for a full hour. Alternating between full-hour workouts and what I call “half-and-half” workouts, over time I notice the benefits of these extended stretches. Because my body is so inflexible as it is, it welcomes the additional time spent on stretching, and many of these stretches I cannot do by myself. While my back is still tight and sore here and there because I still spend way too many hours sitting at the desk typing away on the computer, I experience noticeable reduction of the discomfort even if it does not disappear entirely. That, to me, is a step in the right direction.

I am in my fifties now. Working with a trainer, and Jerry in particular, is an investment for the future. As I grow older, I trust that the time and effort I put in now to care for my body will lead to better balance and flexibility that will reduce the risk of falling and other injuries further down the road. I may not detect improvements from week to week, but I can confidently say that I am physically stronger now than I was a decade ago even though I am also ten years older. Ten years from now I may not be able to say the same thing, but I sure hope to be ahead of the curve at that age in terms of physical fitness. A healthy body is foundational to a healthy mental, emotional, and spiritual disposition, and I thank Jerry for helping me grow in this direction all these years, and may there be many more to come.

Diane C.

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