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Risky Business

What makes people want to take risks like eat exotic foods, leave a stable job to start a business, or even take a trip to a faraway land? In a word…feelings.

Today I’d like to talk to you about how you can use your emotions and feelings to intuitively create the good life without overthinking every single decision. I’m sure you can imagine that the most exciting times in anyone’s life are lived outside the realm of rational thinking. So let’s consider what irrationality can do for your life.

Imagine your boss walks in and asks you to work harder at being a better employee or else you’re fired tomorrow, then walks off…

You’d probably not even know what to do or where to start. Maybe you’d take a look at the company’s list of values like loyalty, hope, innovation, or cooperation. The only problem is that those are inactionable.

You can’t be innovation or cooperation. In fact, you can’t really do any creative problem solving without a little irrational thought and reliance on your:



Hearts and


There is an art as well as a science to getting the results you want and it starts with trusting
your instincts.

There is a reason why people say something feels right and it’s along the same lines as to why leaders try to win our hearts rather than our minds. Our rational part of our brain controls speech, but it’s our irrational subconscious that really is in tune with our true selves.

Your gut is talking to you and telling you what to do every day. It wants you to listen to your heart it wants you to feel confident. But most of all, it just wants to be express itself and unlike the rational mind it, unfortunately, can’t do that with words.

So trust yourself, because there is no amount of research that is going to get you to make a better decision than the one you can make in your gut. And if all does go wrong, hey at least you know what doesn’t work and you know you’ll have that much more of a chance at success the next time you try.

Jerry “I believe in you” Washington

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