Specialists Suck

Met a trainer the other day bragging to me about being trained by

All these specialist in Kettlebells

He swears by them and pretty much designed all his workouts

Around these heavy bell shaped structures

I mentioned Crossfit and he was all

Up in arms talking about how terrible it

Is for the body and how he advises his clients

Not to do it.


I thought to myself

This guy is a real ASSHOLE

How do you go about preaching fitness to people

Meanwhile discouraging them from practicing

Training methods that are clearly proven.

You gotta be kidding me!

As a fitness professional, I’m only appalled by two things



You see the problem here is that he’s a


A specialist is great if you have a particular issue,

But you can’t expect to solve a complicated

Issue like healthy living with an overly simplified answer like Kettlebells.


He didn’t have the wherewithal to take action

To find out what made this program successful

Even while complaining about how many clients he’s losing.

Results take shits on opinions and his already stunk

Here comes some undeniable proof right here muchacho.

Try 9 years and over 60,000 hours of training.

Hundreds if not thousands of pounds collectively lost.

And member after member raving about my fitness program as well

As my small group training sessions. 

I do it all and encourage everyone to do the same

If you want to join a fitness program that SPECIALIZES in constant varied movement

While also taking into account form and function

Take action and click this link to get daily health and fitness tips delivered to your inbox:

General Fitness Company Inner circle

Jerry “Expanded Horizons” Washington


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